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Welcome to Kids Online Kid Chat!

We're excited you were able to join us! We've got tons of exciting things ready for you! We've got trivia contests, homework help, games, and more! As we get ready for our Kids Online journey... please be mindful of the rules of the road!

We have a few simple rules that we request everyone follow... it's to make chat as fun and safe as possible for you! We'd hope we would never need to, but if you don't follow these rules we may have to remove you from chat.

  • Personal Information cannot be disclosed. We have implemented security to prevent personal information from being seen by our users. If you have a question as to what you can say, ask one of the moderators (spiders).
    Personal Information includes: Your name, E-Mail Address, AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, Phone number, school district, anything else that could identify you.
  • This is an English chat room only.
  • No cursing, foul or foreign language. Using *** is considered cursing.
  • Advertising of other services or web sits is not allowed - this includes giving out a link!
  • No EXCESSIVE CAPS, repeating repeating repeating, and similar actions.
  • Please be nice to everyone! This means no telling people to 'shut up', or anything else that's rude!
  • No questions, comments or discussions about topics that may cause fights or hurt feelings.
  • Respect the staff/moderators (the spiders). They're here to keep you safe!

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